Retina Theme

Introducing Retina: The first Market theme

Retina is a multi-purpose Market theme designed to beautifully showcase your brand and products.


Looks and works great on any device

Retina is specially designed for many devices—from mobile phones to large desktops—allowing visitors to search seamlessly through each page. This theme has been thoroughly tested to ensure that your webstore will perform well every time.


Places your brand in the spotlight

Retina’s flexible layouts let you import your logo, add beautiful photography, and more. This reinforces your brand’s unique identity and boosts your recognition.


Featherlight yet feature-packed

Retina comes with a variety of ready-to-connect commerce services to kickstart your webstore. Get discovered easily, ship products quickly, and collect payments securely from your trusted business partners.

Features for any brand

Translation and RTL-ready
All text in your webstore—from product descriptions to help sections—can be adjusted with ease. Retina can also translate your text into any language, including those written from right to left.
SEO-friendly code
Retina is optimized for popular search engines like Google, ensuring that your webstore will be properly indexed and discovered by a vast array of clientele.
Retina is a user-friendly theme for those with alternative needs, ensuring that anyone can interact with your webstore.
Interactive size guide
Retina works great for fashion brands. Shoppers can view an interactive visual guide where they can insert their personal measurements and easily find the ideal fit.
Promotional banner
Broadcast your latest sale, promotion, or discount at the top of your webstore’s homepage.
Product recommendations
Encourage visitors to explore your webstore and help them find what they’re looking for by suggesting relevant products as they shop.
Product filtering
Retina allows shoppers to filter products by color, size, manufacturer, and any other Market product filter. They can easily sift through thousands of products and discover those that match their needs.
Homepage slideshow
Showcase multiple product or brand images on your webstore’s customizable homepage.
Instant search
From the first keystroke, Retina instantly presents relevant products to shoppers without needing the page to reload. The result is a webstore that looks cleaner and functions smoother.

All Market themes also include:

Instant checkout with Market Cart
Market Cart is a prebuilt, native checkout application that guides shoppers through your webstore’s complete checkout and payment experience. It is constantly optimized for speed, conversion, security, and ease-of-use for all shoppers.
Free theme updates
Market is a distributed platform with an innovative Cloud Commerce technology that provides automatic, reliable updates for all webstores. Your theme will instantly receive the latest updates and evolve alongside the web.
Easily customizable
With Market, you don’t need to know how to code or design. With the help of our Theme Editor, you can change your webstore’s look with just a few clicks.

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